I’m authorised by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) for aerial photography up to 400 feet high to get spectacular images.  I also hold £1m in public liability insurance which can be increased if required for a particular shoot.  I’m first and foremost a photographer so all of my skills translate into the correct settings / lighting to get great photos from the air.  I’m also very competent in flying a drone and follow the strict guidelines laid down by the CAA to ensure safe flying.  If photography requires talking to your important clients you can be assured of a professional approach – before becoming a professional photographer I spent 20 years + providing clients with advice and maintaining high levels of customer relationships.

*PRICES There are a great many factors that can influence the time required to do aerial photography especially in carrying out risk assessments to ensure safe operation. Please therefore get in touch for a quote but here are some examples of costs :

Property Photography Only – £135* : 10 Digital Aerial Photographs fully edited and in high resolution. Additional images just £5 each. (price based on 50 mile round trip from Worcester. £0.25 for each extra mile beyond this)

Property Photography & Video – £195* – 10 Digital Aerial Photographs fully edited in high resolution and a 1-2 minute video in 1080p resolution & with background music. Images supplied in a downloadable format. (price based on 50 miles round trip from Worcester. £0.25 for each extra mile beyond this)

Wedding Aerial Photography – £350 * You may have already booked your photographer for your wedding so why not add this option to provide amazing aerial imagery.  40-60 minutes flight time obtaining a mixture of aerial photographs and also a short 2-10 minute 1080p video.  All footage & photographs are fully edited and presented on a USB stick.  I have photographed many weddings now using a drone and the feedback has been brilliant!

Building Inspections – £150 : Naturally a much cheaper way of inspecting a building / structure up to 400 feet in height. Up to 1 hours flight time providing 10 high resolution digital images. (additional images are £5 each). Video is an option too for an extra £60. (1-2 min 1080p video). All presented in a downloadable format.

For any other aerial photography / video requirements please contact me to get a quote.

Please note : Assessments need to be made before I accept a booking to establish if it is safe to do drone photography.  Please contact me in the first instance to discuss click here Contact me


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