How I prepare for a wedding – behind the scenes!

IMG_9947Preparation for  a Wedding  –  Most of the time people see me walking around in a relaxed manner setting my camera and taking great photos. What’s not seen is what I do in readiness for a wedding shoot …. Here’s a brief insight which I appreciate may make some fall asleep if you’re sat in a comfortable armchair on a Sunday afternoon 🙂

I make sure that I have as much information about a wedding day so as not to have to trouble the bride and groom about certain details on the day itself. I will always have all the venue information, road maps and sat nav set so I know where I’m going & get there in plenty of time.   Where possible I will also visit a venue I’ve not been to before to check out the layout and also good photo opportunities.

I look for locations for the bride and groom but also where the group shots take place.   I’m mindful of choosing somewhere for the groups near where everyone congregates so people don’t have to walk far.

I have 3 main camera batteries, backup batteries, multiple AA & AAA batteries to charge, 3 Canon cameras to prepare, my 2 main lenses (Canon 24-70 2.8ii and Canon 70-200 2.8ii) and backup lenses (35mm, 24-105 , and 12-24 wideangle) , 3 flashguns, tripod,  step ladder (I get some funny looks carrying this around!!) .     I will also have a list of the groups I’ve been asked to photograph and will give copies of this list to the Best Man and Chief Bridesmaid and politely ask if they can help get people ready ….. this really does help make the process a lot quicker so that the group shots don’t eat into the day too much.  People tend to be more relaxed if it seems organised and I make it a bit of fun too!

I’ll add to this later as I sense some of you reading this are sat in an arm chair and are about to nod off! 🙂

Best wishes


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