Karoliina & Dan Wedding at Curradine Barns Shrawley

Karoliina & Dan's Wedding at Curradine Barns July 2016 What a beautiful location for a wedding at Curradine Barns.    The wedding ceremony took place at St Marys Church Shrawley and it was then a short walk to the Barns.  It's not often you see a wedding party on mass walking along a country road after the ceremony but it was a lovely sight to be seen with the odd car having to wait until the road was clear again!   I was fortunate to be able to meet Karoliina and Dan before the day for a pre wedding shoot in Worcester, and I think it really helped on the day in that we were all familiar and comfortable with each others company. 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-3839 Karoliina was happy for me to take some getting ready shots and I always make sure I don't get in the way and take natural photos.     I do enjoy doing photos at this stage of the day but do appreciate some brides would rather not have a photographer there, but they do make lovely photos! 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-1827 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-1931-2 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-2095 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-2226 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-2028 img_1877 Dan and his bestman / usher turned up in good time and it was off for my first walk to the church.   I'd checked out the venue before the day and timed the walk to be 5 minutes!   I needed to make sure there was enough time to get back to the Barns to see Karoliina walk down too... this job certainly keeps me fit! 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-1937 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-1951 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-1994 And back up to the Curradine Barns and time for the ladies to walk down to the church with a spring in their step and full of smiles. 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-2255 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-2277 It was a lovely church service with a balcony to get some great shots from above. 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-0614 img_0593 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-2339 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-2440 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-2487 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-2554 And a procession of people back upto the Curradine Barns! 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-2771 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-2748   800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-3130 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-0708 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-0745-2 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-3219-2 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-3353 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-3375   img_3386 And so we moved on the the Wedding Breakfast with speeches in both English and Finnish , and Karoliina and Dan dancing the night away with some very skilful moves! One of the traditions it seems for weddings in Finland is to give the groom certain challenges to do and literally hats off to Dan for amongst other things performing a brilliant Michael Jackson Moon Walk! 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-3622 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-0667 img_1007 img_0839 img_0791 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-0805-2 800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-0883-2   800-long-edge-75qual-72dpi-high-sharp-3755 A thoroughly enjoyable wedding to photograph and I was made very welcome on the day.    Very best wishes to Dan and Karoliina!