Wedding of Sean & Mary Granary Hotel Kidderminster

026-img_8714 Wedding of Mary & Sean at the Granary Hotel Kidderminster  It was a happy day at the Granary Hotel near Kidderminster.   Sean & Mary and many of their family had travelled over from Northern Ireland and I was made to feel very welcome among their company.  The venue is perfect in terms of doing group shots near the ceremony room so people could mingle and not have to walk far when they were asked to take part.  I also handed out lists of the groups required to the chief bridesmaid and best man and they helped gather people ... this really does help in making sure the group shots don't drag on too long so that everyone can get back to catching up and enjoying themselves!   A great day and a pleasure to photograph.     Anyway here's a selection of photos which I hope you enjoy!   Congratulations Sean & Mary!   001-img_7719 002-img_2672 003-img_2699 006-img_2730 007-img_2736 008-img_7911 009-img_7925 014-img_8084 010-img_7988 012-img_8002 013-img_8008 011-img_7999 016-img_8314-2 015-img_8170 025-img_8683 024-img_8571 023-img_8490 022-img_8466 021-img_8426 020-img_8395 019-img_8392 018-img_8375 017-img_8314 026-img_8714 005-img_7849 004-img_7843 027-img_8790 028-img_8797 029-img_8820 030-img_8845 031-img_2805 032-img_2876 034-img_8941 033-img_8915
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