Wedding of Siobhan & Mark

Wedding of Siobhan & Mark September 2016 - Powick Church & Bank House Hotel Worcester It was a fantastic photographing Siobhan & Mark's Wedding.    The wedding was at Powick Church in Worcester with the Wedding Reception being at the Bank blog-7216House Hotel again in Worcester.   Siobhan asked for some getting ready photos and it's certainly one of the biggest bridal suites I've ever seen with multiple rooms and fantastic views over the the Malvern Hills.       I always respect where I am asked to stand for the church service and on this occasion I was asked to stand at the back and remain discreet.   This still enables me to get some great photos and with the help of my 70-200 lens I can zoom in for certain shots. Back at the Hotel there is a great shot of all the chaps jumping in the air and someone even offered to take a photo of me where I though why not!     Click on the "Continue Reading"  link below to see the photos! Many congratulations to Siobhan & Mark!     blog-8864 blog-6749 blog-7536 blog-7557 blog-7585 blog-6801 blog-6829 blog-7645 blog-6850 blog-6889 blog-6890 blog-6893 blog-7668 blog-7669 blog-6914 blog-6941 blog-6947 blog-6961 blog-6962 blog-7011 blog-7086 blog-7116   blog-7154 blog-7699 blog-7186 blog-7205 blog-7215 blog-7216 blog-7226 blog-7722 blog-7736 blog-7740 blog-7769 blog-7794 blog-7820 blog-7246 blog-7848 blog-7856 blog-7327 blog-7339 blog-7346 blog-7391   blog-7430 blog-7445 blog-7533 blog-7550 blog-7556 blog-7559 blog-7589 blog-7600 blog-7628 blog-7644 blog-7911 blog-7925 blog-7724-2 blog-7765 blog-7804 blog-7829 blog-7834 blog-7860 blog-7951 blog-7972 blog-8046 blog-8133 blog-8153 blog-8179 blog-8249 blog-8279 blog-8327 blog-8352   blog-8388   blog-8558 blog-8565 blog-8096 blog-8112 blog-8114   blog-8672   blog-8706       blog-8833 blog-8860 blog-8169 blog-8174 blog-8196 blog-8207 blog-8882 blog-8237 blog blog-8217 blog-8908 blog-8914 blog-8935 blog-8946 blog-8966 blog-8980     blog-9098
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